Wednesday, 23 December 2015

My Writing Year 2015

I thought I'd do a quick blog post as to my literary achievements during 2015.

In March this year my second neo-noir crime novel, "Church of Wire", was published by Telos. I have two more novels lined up for that series (hopefully with the same publisher), but as yet I don't have publication dates for those. I've been unable to write another novel this year due to work commitments, but I have written half a novella, "The Uneasy", for which my partner, Sophie, is writing the second half.

I wrote twelve short stories this year: "Tiny Iris", "Where Do Broken Dreams Go?", "My Somnambulant Heart", "Us!", "Shipwrecked In The Heart Of The City", "We Die When We're Alone", "Wanderlust", "Old Factory Memories", "The First You & I", "Silent Bridge", "Uncanny Valley", and "Mysteries of Childhood Explained".

I sold ten short stories: "You Can't Handle Love" to Fur-Lined Ghettos, "Tiny Iris" to Slave Stories: Scenes From The Slave State, "Blood For Your Mother" to Black Static, "Cold Water Killer" to Spark: A Creative Anthology, "Us!" to Creeping Crawlers, "Vulvert" to Confingo, "The Nomenclature of Fear" to In Short Publishing, "My Somnambulant Heart" to an anthology I am unable to name at present, "Old Factory Memories" to Axolotl, and "The First You & I" to Skylark Review.

I also sold an article, "Unconscious Consumer: X-Ray Spex and the Day-Glo World", which appeared in the Reckless Consumer issue of Sein Und Werden and can be read here. And I sold a novella, "The Greens", to Spectral Press for publication (I believe) in 2016, possibly 2017.

The following sixteen short stories were published this year: "Eskimo" in Postscripts #32/33, "The Last Mohican" in punkPunk!, "The Frequency of Existence" in Black Static #45, "You Can't Handle Love" in Fur-Lined Ghettos #6, "The Stench of Winter" online at Shirley, "A Life In Plastic" in Strange Tales V, "Bothersome" in Darkest Minds, "Drowning In Air" in Best British Horror 2015, "Old Factory Memories" online at Axolotl, "Blood For Your Mother" in Black Static #48, "Tiny Iris" in Slave Stories: Scenes From The Slave State, "The Nomenclature Of Fear" as a standalone chapbook from In Short Publishing, "The Aniseed Gumball Kid" in Postscripts #34/35, "Us!" in Creeping Crawlers, "Vulvert" in Confingo #4, and "The First You & I" in Skylark Review.

Also this year I assisted my partner in setting up Salò Press, an extension of the publishing she has been doing with Fur-Lined Ghettos magazine. So far we have published two poetry collections, Actual Cloud by Dalton Day and Father, Husband by Scherezade Siobhan.

I have a handful of stories awaiting publication that were accepted in 2014/2015, a short story collection, and one novel under consideration. The anthology, punkPunk!, that I edited for DogHorn Publishing was published in February. A short story collection, "Human Maps", will appear from Eibonvale Press sometime in 2016. My collaborative short story collection, "Slow Motion Wars", written with Allen Ashley which was due to be published by Screaming Dreams will now be published by The Exaggerated Press in the first half of 2016.

I have also edited a secret project for publication in 2017, and am in the processing of finalising guidelines for another editing project.

I consider that to be a good year!

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