Friday, 21 June 2013

Fur-Lined Ghettos #3

Those of you observant and/or interested enough to keep an eye on this blog will know that I have an editorial assistant role aiding my partner editing an irrealist magazine of poetry and prose that we've titled Fur-Lined Ghettos. The derivation of the name is open to speculation (please speculate in the comments box below), but the process of submission selection is clear. She reads the incoming work and makes a decision, then asks me for my opinion and then sticks with her decision. She knows what she likes and what she likes is good. This is why we have such a great magazine.

We publish to a six-monthly schedule and issue three is now available. Featuring poetry and prose from Trevor Calvert, Mike Cannon, David Gullen, Jack Madigan, Travis McCullers, Eleanor Mitchell, Adam Napier, Jacob Solstice, Kate Tattersfield and Jon Wesick. The cool cover art is by Bonnie Seifert. This is a print magazine, so order a copy and get something tangible in your hands. We're also open to submissions for issue 4.

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