Thursday, 21 January 2016

Books I Haven't Written, But Goodreads Thinks I Have

Some of you - at least once every couple of years - might read my books and then happen to search for me online. If you land on my Goodreads author page you might be surprised to find that I'm a much more diverse author than you thought from the title you read. I've never stuck to one genre, and have been published in crime, SF, fantasy, horror, and slipstream publications, but here are few books attributed to me which have been written by other Andrew Hook's. Don't be confused. My namesakes are proving that we're quite a diverse bunch. Some of these titles I wish I'd written myself.

100 of the Most Shocking Reviews the "Third Wheel: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 7"

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what this book is. It seems to be a book collecting reviews of another book. It's only 42 pages long. Out of all the titles on here this is the one I would least rather be 'connected' to me. Goodreads do have a process where one author can be separated from another, but I've previously found this to be a short term fix and other authors gravitate back to me again.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Literary Life

At least this one has literary merit. The Andrew Hook in this case is a professor at Glasgow University, and there is - in fact - the "Andrew Hook Centre for American Studies" based at that University. If anything, this Andrew Hook is probably a little disdainful of myself in the same way as I am of the first author on this list. I've liked what I've read of F. Scott Fitzgerald and I've heard that this title is a good biography. Recommended.

Hot Vacation - The Naughty Friends series

I'm sure if I'd written these I'd be making more money than I am at the moment. My middle initial is 'R' so it's not my pseudonym. These appeared fairly recently suggesting they might be riding the sub-Grey wave that swept through the publishing industry. Maybe I should write books like this. Maybe I should do some research. Maybe I could get a grant.

If there are any other creative folk out there with my moniker, please let me know.

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