Monday, 29 December 2014

My Writing Year 2014

I thought I'd do a quick blog post as to my literary achievements during 2014.

In March this year my neo-noir crime novel, "The Immortalists", was published by Telos, with the second in the series, "Church Of Wire", scheduled for early 2015. I've also just finished writing the fourth book in the series, titled "The Happy Finish".
I wrote thirteen short stories this year: "Flytrap", "The Soft Explosion", "The Nomenclature Of Fear", "The Call Of The Void", "The Unthinking Tyranny Of History", "A Life In Plastic", "Vulvert", "Black Lung", "Somntuta", "The Steam Room", "The Day My Heart Stood Still", "Clusterfuck" and "You Can't Handle Love".

I sold thirteen short stories: "Bothersome" and "A Life In Plastic" to anthologies I'm not currently allowed to name, "The Last Mohican" to punkPunk!, "The Abduction Of Europe" to Dali-ances: The Salvador Dali Anthology, "Flytrap" to Interzone, "Soapsud Galaxies" to Jupiter SF, "Periscope" to Perihelion, "Burning Daylight" to Confingo, "Black Lung" and "The Frequency of Existence" to Black Static, and "The Day My Heart Stood Still" to PostScripts. In terms of reprints, "Your Golden Hands", was accepted for Unconventional Fantasy, A Celebration Of Forty Years Of The World Fantasy Convention, and "Drowning In Air" will be published in Best British Horror 2015 from Salt

The following thirteen short stories were published this year: "Interference" in Chiral Mad 2, "A Knot Of Toads" and "Black Lung" in Black Static, "Drowning In Air" in Strange Tales IV, "Softwood" in La Femme, "Flytrap" in Interzone, "Beyond The Island Of The Dolls" in Postscripts to Darkness Vol 5, "Periscope" in Perihelion (that's online, read it from the link), "The Opaque District" in Horror Uncut, "Your Golden Hands" in Unconventional Fantasy, "Burning Daylight" in Confingo, "Soapsud Galaxies" in Jupiter SF, and "Shoot For The Moon" in Monomyth.

I have a handful of stories awaiting publication that were accepted in 2013/2014, a novella, a short story collection, and one novel under consideration, and a collaborative story collection still awaiting publication. The anthology, "punk!Punk!", that I edited for DogHorn Publishing should be published in January 2015, and a short story collection, "Human Maps", will appear from Eibonvale Press sometime in 2015. I have also worked on two issues of Fur-Lined Ghettos with my partner, and have made available two of my previous short story collections on Kindle as I now hold the rights to these ("The Virtual Menagerie" and "Beyond Each Blue Horizon")

I consider that to be a good year!

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