Monday, 31 December 2012

My Writing Year 2012

I thought I'd do a quick blog post as to my literary achievements during 2012.

I completed one novel begun at the tail end of 2011, a crime pulp noir titled "Church of Wire", and have begun and am halfway through a new novel, "Body And Soul." This one is a far future SF/F book.

I wrote thirteen short stories this year: "Drowning In Air", "The Evening Of The Mule", "The Stench Of Winter", "The Universe At Gun Point", "Dumb Broad", "My Naked Man", "The Abduction Of Europe", "The Perfection Of Symmetry", "Tetsudo Fan", "The Aniseed Gumball Kid", "The Last Mohican", "Beyond The Island Of The Dolls" and "Rain From A Clear Blue Sky". I do like my titles!

I sold five short stories: "The Quickening" to Shadows & Tall Trees, "The Universe At Gun Point" to The First Book Of Classical Horror, "The Perfection Of Symmetry" to Chiral Mad, "Tetsudo Fan" to the Rustblind & Silverbright anthology from Eibonvale Press, and "Drowning In Air" to an anthology I cannot name til next year.

The following six short stories appeared in print this year: "Dizzy Land" in Black Static #26, "Monster Girl" in The Monster Book For Girls, "The Human Map" in Where Are We Going? (Eibonvale Press), "Things That Are Here Now, Things That Were There Then" in Dark Currents (NewCon Press), "The Universe At Gun Point" in The First Book Of Classical Horror, and "The Perfection Of Symmetry" in Chiral Mad.

I have a handful of stories awaiting publication that were accepted in 2011, a novella, short story collection, and two novels under consideration, and a collaborative story collection awaiting publication.

Not bad considering this little one was born midway through the year, and also that I work full-time Monday to Friday, work part-time alternate Sundays, freelance typeset and proofread often in the evenings, and have been co-editor with Fur-Lined Ghettos. Not often I blow my own trumpet, but it is the start of a New Year and should be heralded as such!

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