Thursday, 24 May 2012

For starters

I suppose my first blog should be like a tsunami rolling across cyberspace destroying all in its wake, but in reality this initial post will be read by so few that it's more of a drop in the ocean than the ocean itself. Let's get basic:
Why Nitrospective? Two-fold. Firstly, I write fiction. Quite a lot of that fiction has been published. And last year some of that fiction was published by DogHorn. "Nitrospective" is the title story of that collection and - like the other stories - is an example of what I like to call 'slipstream'. Slipstream is a nebulous term - it can encompass everything and anything - but I feel it's the closest definition of what I do. Although even I don't know exactly what it is that I do when I write: it can come out crime, horror, science fiction, or fantasy - but it won't recognisably fall into those genres as defined by the general public. Nebulous, as I say.
I also like the word "Nitrospective" because of the implied explosion mixed with the anagram of 'introspective'. If I have an aim for this blog, then it's a mixture of those two words. And I know 'nitrospective' isn't a word. But it is now.
In addition to writing I have a day job in a call centre, work Sundays in a library, I typset, I proofread, and I co-edit the magazine, Fur-Lined Ghettos with my partner, Sophie. I also watch a lot of movies and I read a lot of books. I'll probably rant about either or both from time to time. And I especially like animals with elongated snouts. I may well post images of animals with elongated snouts and enthuse about them. So - if nothing else - if you also like animals with elongated snouts then you'll know where to come.

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